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Who are we ?

GS Do Brasil

It is the story of two childhood friends who come together around their common passions. Collector cars , and the Brazil that is so dear to us!

Driven by strong human values, we take pleasure in making your dreams come true through our wetsuits. We do not work with clients or suppliers, we manage a chain that we know from end to end, which guarantees respect and trust throughout the process , and make sure to meet smiles at every step.  

With 15 years of experience in the world of old cars in France and an unparalleled network of professionals established in Brazil, we bring an exceptional level of expertise to bring you a turnkey vehicle that is safe and reliable. 'hope will accompany you on great adventures.

The "GS" concept

Passionate about Brazil and vintage vehicles for a long time, we have decided to go for it and fulfill the dreams of lovers of Combis and other unique vehicles made in Brazil during the golden age of Volkswagen in the land of the Samba. 

Who knew that more than 20 unique vehicles have been imagined, designed and then created on Volkswagen bases for more than 30 years? Some directly from the Volkswagen plant itself? From Brasilia to the Puma GT, Brazil is full of magic and potential that we have decided to express in our own way.

The charisma comes from the vehicle, we bring our French touch to it to ensure that every detail is brought up to date, whether aesthetic or structural.

We have been operating from Brazil and France for many years, and we rely on a solid network of partners who allow us to identify Combis with a healthy base and a clearly identified history. 

From this base, we will then renovate each Combi down to the smallest detail to bring you a vehicle of the highest safety and quality. 

Our goal is to bring you a turnkey quality Combi that will not cause you any problems or bad surprises afterwards.

Our priority is to bring you turnkey vehicles that will guarantee you peace of mind. 

Want a personalized project?

We can develop tailor-made projects, you just have to be patient because there is no less than a year of work to bring you a refurbished vehicle from A to Z.


You will understand that if you are looking for a unique vehicle, you have found the ideal partners. Contact us and we will bring your dreams to life!

Do you want to personalize your vehicle or have a very precise idea of what you are looking for? It's possible!

To learn more about the different stages of personalization
and restoration of vehicles,
find our custom Combi T1 page in click here

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