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Our models

Barcombi bleu
Asset 3_edited.png

Its design

The bar is molded in resin from the mold used to manufacture the front panel of the Volkswagen Bus T1.

After demoulding, it passes into the hands of the carpenter in order to adapt the shelves, the drawer, the top as well as

furniture feet.

The wood used is MDF wood allowing rigidity and solidity for repetitive handling.

The electrician then installs the box which will control the lighting of the optics as well as the mains socket, 110-200V. Several lights are possible, turn signals (P21W bulbs), headlights (H4 bulbs), sidelights (W5W bulbs) or all at the same time.

The next step is the preparation of the fiber to then apply the paint with the same color codes of the time or with a personalized color. Acrylic automotive grade paint. Also automotive grade clearcoat. 


Several colors available: red, yellow, green, blue, in stock or on order for a custom color.

This piece of furniture plugs into a mains socket. With several possible storage spaces including a lockable drawer, it can be organized in different ways according to the needs of the moment. Solid piece of furniture with stainless steel foot and easily movable with its wheels.

Christ Rédempteur

His characteristics

dimension barcombi.jpg
  • Made in Brazil

  • Upper tray covered in laminate 

  • White painted MDF shelves

  • Sliding drawer with key lock

  • Luxo frieze with colored border 

  • Combi T1 chrome optics to connect to 12V current 

  • Multi-position switch with general cut-off

  • 5 feet in total: 2 steering wheels, 2 fixed with brake and 1 foot

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