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Sale of Combis


Our team, passionate about Volkswagen Combi, is responsible for finding and bringing your future collector's vehicle up to current French quality and safety standards.


Our goal is to bring you a turnkey quality Combi, which, in addition to its unique charm, will provide you with the highest guarantee of safety and quality.


We ride in our Combis with our families and want you to do the same in peace!

Why trust us ?


  • Vehicles available from stock in France, Paris region

  • Technical control valid pass

  • French registration


  • FFVE collection vehicle registration certificate made by us.

  • Complete valuation expert report (condition and value)


Each vehicle goes through a full quality inspection: chassis, brakes, suspension, engine


Warranty available from 6 months to 2 years

France et Brésil

Present in France and Brazil since 2015
Ensures respect and trust throughout the process

Our Combis & Co

Combi T1
Combi T1
Rio de Janeiro

We talk about us

Combi T1

How it works ?

Asset 3.png

Find a collection suit or one with a clearly identified history

Renovation and customization with our partners in Sao Paulo

Reception in France, final adjustments, technical control validation, registration and obtaining FFVE certificate​

Quality control and identification of the necessary renovation project

Import by sea, container​ .

Available in our warehouse  in the Paris region

Who are we ?

GS Do Brasil

It is the story of two childhood friends who come together around their common passions. Collector cars , and the Brazil that is so dear to us!

Driven by strong human values, we take pleasure in making your dreams come true through our wetsuits. We do not work with clients or suppliers, we manage a chain that we know from end to end, which guarantees respect and trust throughout the process , and make sure to meet smiles at every step.  

With 15 years of experience in the world of old cars in France and an unparalleled network of professionals established in Brazil, we bring an exceptional level of expertise to bring you a turnkey vehicle that is safe and reliable. 'hope will accompany you on great adventures.

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