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Who are we ?

What is the specialty of GS do Brasil?

We have specialized since 2015 inVolkswagen combimanufactured until 1975, so theCombi T1.

We mainly work on Standard or Luxo type T1 Combis for which we make sure to always have complete traceability of the renovation history of our vehicles.

We go to Brazil every 6 months to meet professionals, collectors and above all enthusiasts.

Since 2015, we have created a real climate of trust between professionals and private owners of Combi T1. Our reputation allows us to obtain offers in preview before an official sale.

We have also been working since 2019 on base vehiclesVWmade in Brazil:Puma GT, Bianco Sjust to name a few. 

Are the VW Buses and other Brazilian vehicles advertised available from stock?

Yes, all the vehicles we advertise are available from stock:Bus T1, Puma GT (Puma tubarao), Bianco S, Fusca. All without exception are available from stock and visible at our depot atMontfort l'Amaury in the Yvelines.  

We only offer for purchase wetsuits that we have chosen, whether for you or for our stock.

Are there really any Brazilian T1 Combis that use German parts?

Yes ! Indeed, the very first T1 Combis were directly manufactured in Germany and exported by Volkswagen, from 1957, the Brazilian factory used German parts, mainly for the engine and gearbox parts. It is estimated that from 1959, the manufacture ofVW buswas almost totally nationalized. 

Where is the renovation of the Combis done?

75% of VW Bus renovation work is done in Brazil. Since 2015, we have set up a chain of highly trusted partners that allow us to guarantee quality renovation, step by step, carried out by specialists at each stage. We simply bring the final touch to the Combis once they arrive in France: complete mechanical overhaul, finishes and adjustments.

Thisquality workWe regularly earn passages in magazines or TV shows.

Are you responsible for importing Combis?

GS Do Brasiltakes care of the whole chain of services to bring you your turnkey Combi T1 from the import of the Combis to the FFVE documentation to guarantee you a turnkey Combi T1 cat. All vehicles are purchased by our company and cleared by us.

What is your particularity in the sale of Combis T1?

The Combis that we sell are all registered in your name or in the name of our company with theFFVE certificate. We set up a whole protocol for a complete overhaul with one of our partners, an expertise is also made in order to be able to put a one-year guarantee for our T1 combis.

Delivery takes place once the T1 combi has been tested under real conditions.

How is the conversion from original Combi T1 to Samba done?

This is a sensitive subject because you have to choose your preparer very well to obtain a superbSamba Combiwhich will be reliable and will not reserve any unpleasant surprises. 

The Samba Combis prepared in Brazil are of various quality and it is important to select your partners well to obtain a beautiful and reliable Combi Samba.

To date, we are working with a specialist who performs this transformation on a plan and with Volkswagen parts for Combi T1.

Can you import other Brazilian vehicles?

Yes, since 2019 we have developed a new branch of our company which allows us to find and renovate high quality vehicles such as the Puma GT, Puma Tubarão, Bianco S, Fusca to name a few. Brazilian automotive history is exciting and doesn't just live through the Combi T1.Brazil has many wonders and we are here to share it.

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